8 week program

with Abbey Willis

About the

Strength training

The point of a strength program is to improve your lifts in order for you to perform better under higher loads. Progression is only achieved through progressive overload and when we lift weights, our bodies thankfully compensate by getting stronger and building muscle when moving well.

For most people it’s not about a 1 rep max. As fun as they can be to find out and achieve, we are actually looking to help you improve your strength in the three main lifts (squat, deadlift, bench) for you to utilise in other training methods. Building your strength for functionality instead of for “show”.

That’s why we’ve designed a progressive program with varying rep ranges and weight loads working to improve your current 5 rep max (using % work to do so).

We have had proven results following this 8 week plan and are excited for you to take not only your strength but form and understanding of movements to the next level. 

Equipment: Barbell plates, squat rack, bench press, kettlebells and dumbbells.

How does it work?


-Video demos by Harry, illustrating every exercise + the fundamentals for the movement.
– Exact warmups, sets, reps, rest periods to follow.
– Science backed: why the program works (+ references)
– Nutrition plan designed for your body, likes and dislikes to support the program and maximise strength gains.


  • 3 sessions per week.
  • Use of the app.
  • Video descriptions of the weekly session aims.
  • Individualised nutrition plan to support this strength phase.

About Harry

Harry Reynolds

CrossFit level 2 trainer

Olympic Weightlifting coach.

Strength and conditioning coach.

I have had a successful competing journey & very much practice what I preach from the CrossFit British championships in 2015 CrossFit to Placing top 5 at the Weightlifting British champs in 2019.

Abbey and I have put our strengths together to produce this training & nutrition programme that focuses on three main compound lifts. It is base on my years of knowledge and experience, built from programs that I have put into practice myself and others I have coached over the years.

Confidence comes from

discipline and training